The Wellscapes team is now part of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and College of Public Health.  Prior to 2017, as part of Kansas State University, we have been collaborating with communities and organizations to promote physical activity, healthy diets, and more since 1998.  Wellscapes is an effort to expand our team. 

For almost 20 years, our integrated research efforts have led to an evidence-based framework for promoting healthy lifestyles in children and communities. We support groups as they investigate the patterns and causes of both healthy and unhealthy behaviors across a landscape, whether it be a local hometown or the child care community as a whole. Based on these findings, we help communities design local solutions, and practice these wellness improvement strategies.

We have seen how infusing the places where people live, work, and play with healthy opportunities impacts behavior on a small scale. Now we are excited to expand our efforts and focus on a whole-community approach to improving the overall landscape of population health and wellness.