Wellscapes is about local people getting together to create a wellness landscape across their community. Leaders and organizations engage in a community-wide effort that creates a mosaic of healthy places where people live, learn, work, and play.

How It Works

Communities are organized by geographic places, such as the towns we live in.  Communities can be also places of interest, such as professional social networks (child care, school wellness networks, etc.) or social associations (university alumni assoications, faith communites, business networks, etc.) . By promoting healthy lifestyle changes, together we can make our communities places that people are proud of, where young adults return to raise their children, places that are vibrant and sustainable.

To improve community health, Wellscapes works with Community Hubs who connect local leaders and community organizations with resources that are proven to help build strong communities.

Get Involved

See if your community or organization is active with Wellscapes. If you don’t see a listing for your community, find out how you can get involved!