Community Hub Process

To build a healthier landscape in your community, we need to investigate what’s working well and find new ways of doing things that aren’t working so well. In other words, we need to sustain efforts in certain areas and introduce new routines in others.

Become a Community Hub

If you are part of an organization that facilitated a community health needs assessment or community health improvement plan, or if you are involved with sustaining a community coalition, then you may be ready to become a Community Hub.

Each Community Hub is trained by the Wellscapes Support Team. We’ll provide you with proven methods to improve your community health services, as well as materials and technical support.

You’ll even get your own website to help you connect with your community.

Your Impact

Through community outreach with leaders and organizations, you can learn what’s working, what isn’t, and find solutions to improve wellness in your community. On top of that, you’ll actually make it happen by helping implement changes at individual, organizational, and community-wide levels.

Learn More

Contact us if you want to become a Community Hub or find out if there is an active Community Hub in your area.