Community Hub Success Stories

Community Hubs have helped fight childhood obesity by fostering physical activity and providing healthy diets in elementary and middle schools. 

Success Story

In our work with the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, our founders focused on increasing physical activity and healthy eating in child care centers. Child care providers were trained to incorporate physical activity, healthful snacks, and strategies to reach parents and their preschool aged kids. Through the HOP’N Home Program, we focused on making these changes in their daily routines.

Building on Success

The work started in Manhattan, Kansas, gained full steam in Butler county, and now—in partnership with the Kansas Child Care Training Organization—over 100 child care providers are changing their daily routines to positively impact kids and reach their parents.

This work has taken off in El Paso, hit San Diego, and is now rolling out in Iowa.


We have been recognized with awards such as the Society of Public Health Education Lawrence W. Green Paper of the Year, Society of Nutrition Education GEM of the Year, and have been designated a National Institute of Health National Cancer Institute Evidence-Based Intervention Program.

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For more information, check out our partnerships on prior projects such as Healthy Youth Places, HOP’N After school, El Paso CATCH, Healthy ONES in San Diego, Project Plant, and now Iowa SWITCH.