Organization Process

People who live in strong, healthy communities and participate in organizations live longer, have better quality-of-life, are more productive in work and school, have decreased health care costs, and can manage disease better.

Healthy communities make it easy for children, youth and adults to be physically active, eat healthy diets, avoid tobacco use, and have healthy lifestyles. Most importantly, strong communities have attractive organizations that people want to be part of.

Organizations may think that providing access to healthy options is enough. But our research—and the research of others—shows that if you build it they won’t necessarily come.

  • Putting grocery stores in areas that lack food options isn’t enough to change diets and impact obesity.
  • Offering healthy school lunches doesn’t guarantee the food will be eaten.
  • Putting walking trails in parks won’t assure they will be used.

The key to strong and healthy organizations lies in changing routines. Only by changing daily practices in our communities can we put grocery stores, healthy lunches and walking trails to good use, making them an enjoyable, daily part of hometown life.

How can your organization get involved?

Link up with your Community Hub, either in-person or through its local website. Collaborate with our Wellscapes Support Team to learn how to make your organization a healthier group.

We’re here to support you with training, resources, and technical support. Best of all, you can adapt our resources and materials to best fit your organization’s needs.